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The Path to Eternal Life


Our Christian story begins in the year 6 BC with the birth of a boy in Judea–the home of the last of the tribes of Israel. His mother was Mary, a Judean born under the Covenant, the father, Joseph.

When the lad was twelve, he announced to his friends that his real father was not Joseph but another who was a mystery.   Only Mary and Joseph understood this.

The audience at the synagogue did not understand the announcement. The gossip on the street afterwards was a story that the boy was the son of a Roman soldier. There is a document from Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus who lived in the late first and early 2nd century AD. that his father was a Roman soldier called Pantera. 

The Master kept the truth from everyone until he began his ministry at age thirty.

He left the Galilee under a cloud of suspicion. He said he had

to go about his Father's business.  According to Church Historians, he was gone about his Father's business for eighteen years.

Nothing was written about this period of his life in The New Testament. Only much later was any speculation of what actually happened.

He reappears in the narrative as a mature thirty-year old–a prophet and a rabbi.  In the Gospel, we read that a voice from the sky, or from a cloud announces to John the Baptist and a few others nearby, that the Master is a beloved son. John did not understand what this meant then, nor later. The Master later told his disciples that John was lower than the least of them in the Kingdom of Heaven, because John never knew The Father.

Knowledge of The Father is a key to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Son had been given a divine name by the Angel Gabriel. His divine name in Aramaic sounds like 'ee-shoe.' In Greek documents since the fourth century it was written  as ΙΕΣΟΘ, which is the closest sound to ee-shoe the Greeks could get–there being no 'sh' sound in Greek.

Religious of the World today call him ᾽ee-shoe᾽ or ᾽ee-soo᾽ in prayers and hymns. Altars often show an abbreviation of his name 'IHS'.

But since the year 1647  Protestants and Baptists in America have called him 'Jesus.'

That was never his name, but was a name given to him by Protestants in the Westminster Confession of 1647 and was then adopted as the name used in conversation. His divine name was reserved for use in prayer, and then only by religious.

All of us should use his divine name when addressing prayers to The Father, else how will The Father know you are a friend of His Son?

If you don't know the Master's real name, it demonstrates that you are not one of his 'sheep.'

"Why call me Lord, Lord?" he asked. Meaning: you don't  listen to my advice; because you don't know me. And he warned  those who claimed they were doing miracles in his name, "I never knew you, be gone."

He said to Judeans in the Temple: "But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" ...And he said:  "I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and am known of mine."

Become one of his sheep, recognize his voice, and call him by his divine name.

To the apostles, he said, "I have called you friends." This because they had learned everything the Master knew about The Father. Do you want to be his friend also? Then learn about his Father.

His divine name was not written–even in the Bible of the Christian church of the fourth century–just two letters, IC.

His name first appeared as IESU in the Latin Bible of Jerome in the early fifth century. In the King James Version of 1611, it was written IESOU. Address him by his name.

When he appeared at the River Jordan, the  Master knew what his mission in Judea and Galilee would be.  He was to bring the disparaged and downtrodden people who had no guarantee of a place in the World to Come, into the Kingdom of Heaven. He was the Kingdom of Heaven.

He didn't concern himself with the righteous Pharisees, and sadducee who were protected by a Covenant, and guaranteed a place in the World to come by their God HaShem.

They had already been promised salvation of a sort under the Covenant.  The Master said to the woman at the well "salvation is of the Judeans."

The Master promised the blind, lame, halt, lepers, fishermen, tax collectors, and harlots, that they all would earn a place in the World to Come,' if they listened to him.  

Any person who followed his teaching to the end would be received by The Father into His Kingdom.

"...Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world"

Any man who was not already under a Covenant with HaShem could be called by The Father into the Kingdom of Heaven. For "he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust."

The Master promised that: every good person who recognized his legitimacy would be called by The Father. All who responded to the invitation to come to the marriage of the son, were to be welcomed.

Anyone under the Covenant of HaShem, however, would decline with some excuse, because he/she denied The Son.

Salvation, when it is taken to mean solely life after death in Paradise, as understood by Protestants and Baptists, has been guaranteed to followers of Judaism also. As the Master said, "salvation is of the Judeans." And Paul said: 'all the Judeans shall be saved."

Even a person who does not recognize any God yet follows his/her own conscience and chooses to do the right thing, will enter Paradise.

Origen, who was a third century Christian teacher, considered by many to be the greatest orthodox theologian, wrote that people who go against their conscience might yet enter Paradise after their souls have been refined in a furnace of fire and made righteous. 

The Kingdom of The Father can be experienced here and now. It provides a taste of life as it will be later with the Master in Paradise.

The Master said to Thomas: "The Kingdom of God is within you, and also outside you."

We who follow the Master's advice and keep his words, can experienced this world.

In truth, reality is what you make it to be. If you fill your brain with news of:  Covid-19, impending financial ruin for some, and stories of rioters occupying your town, you will have a negative view of the World.

Reality is a wonderful place if you shut out the news and instead occupy your mind with the teachings of The Master.

As you can see, the Kingdom of God is not a place of retirement but is within a person.  The Master said that to enter it, one must first accept that the Father exists as a distinct Deity, and that The Father has a begotten Son.

Then, if a person keeps the Master's words and continues to love both he and the Father, the two personalities of the Father and Son will abide within his soul.

You keep his words by learning the methods he showed the apostles and then teach others to observe those methods.

In these books, I reveal the Master's teaching as they have been documented by apprentices.

I describe the Way to The Kingdom of The Father, as understood by his greatest disciples.

Any Christian who accepts entrance into the Kingdom of The Father, will be rewarded with Eternal Life. Who could ask for more than that?