Chapter One

In four hours you can read the four Gospels. If at age twenty you began reading one Gospel a week, by age twenty one, you would have read the Gospels thirteen times and would have the words of Jesus seared in your memory. 'Keep my words,' Jesus said, 'and I and the Father will make our abode in you.'

We are all called to be sons of The Father. When we say the prayer ‘Our Father,’ we are making a statement that we are sons of 'The Father of the Son,' and  brethren to Jesus. 

And Jesus said:  ‘Those who do the will of the Father are my brethren,’ and therefore we have become sons of 'The Father of the Son.'

In one John, chapter three, verses one to two, John says:

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of 'The Father of the Son.'"

"We know that we shall be ‘like’ him. For we shall see him, ‘as’ he ‘is.’"

It seems to me from the King James Version  New Testament, that Jesus was telling his disciples they were just like him, but they had not yet realized it because they saw him as a human being and not as The Word incarnate.

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