Chapter One

There are Christians who consider their Bible a sacred object. They open the pages and “God” speaks to them. For some fundamentalists, the KJV has replaced “God.” 

I like the KJV. But it is just a well written guide to the doctrine of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Catholic Faith.

The KJV NT reminds its readers of the faith once delivered to the Saints which the Church Fathers of the 4th cent. had received orally from the disciples of the Apostles.

Whatever was actually said by Jesus was spoken in Aramaic to the disciples.  Most mss. of the Gospels are in Coptic, or Greek and Latin translations.

English speakers who know the KJV and DRV Bibles - will find the closest meanings of Jesus’s Aramaic words.

The phrases in the four Gospels were actually written by two Catholic Priests, St. Jerome in the 4th. cent. and the Rev. William Tyndale (ordained 1515) in the 16th. cent.

Tyndale realized that behind the Latin lay the original Aramaic expressions of the disciples, so he kept the phrasing. In 1938 the first Aramaic Lexicon was created and we began to recognize the true meaning of many of these phrases.

The KJV sold today is a modernization of the 1611 text by Blaney of Oxford in 1769.

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