The Life before Conversion


My father was a Managing Director of an Electronics Company that made test equipment (Oscilloscopes, sig generators, bridges, sound recording) and I was very interested in using those technologies to make things for my R&R band. While at Grammar School (U.K. meaning) I began to play guitar and formed a small group to play 'skiffle' – John henry, Cumberland Gap, Freight Train style of music – and we had a club date every week in a hall next to the Odeon Cinema, with lots of kids coming to join in. That was when I was thirteen. R&R came to our town (The Girl Can't Help It, Movie 1956,) and we switched to playing the music of Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, and Elvis. The equipment for the band was made by me and Dad. I made solid body guitars using model train track for the frets and old RAF headphones for the pickups. And Dad designed an Amplifier which we built together over many late nights. The band had two guitarists, a base player, a drummer and a singer. We spent more time playing than studying, I am afraid, and we all failed 'A' level Maths. But we had three gigs a week and were being paid. When I was 18 years old, the band auditioned in London for a TV show – a sort of Britains got Talent show, and we later recorded an LP. But the Beetles suddenly became a world wide phenomenum and everyone wanted to hear their music and we couldn't make it for them. The writing was on the wall for R&R, and the band broke up, mostly because we all wanted a real job, we were well educated and talented and knew we could make a decent living, anyway.


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