My Life


I have lived inWales, England, Canada, The USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean. My family was Welsh and English. Welsh on my mother's side—generations of actors, musicians, and artists. And on my father';s side businessmen and engineers.

I wavered in between the pull of my mother and father until I was old enough to make a choice and I chose engineering and music.

But to begin with the story I was born at a very early age in a welsh coastal town, listening to the rustle of the Irish sea across the pebbles on the beach. I still have one of those pebbles about four inches across, stolen nuch later from the place where it had lain since I was a child, or so I hoped.

Our house, was called Wavecrest. rented for the duration, until the doodlebugs stopped bombing London.
It was this house that suffered it was razed to the ground and rebuilt by invaders from up North, while the house in London survived unscathed.

The little shops and the beached fishing boats seem just the same fifty years on. The village was so small that I could walk it in ten minutes. Today the village appears in a TV series, called Hidden, a Welsh detective story, and I recognized it immediately.

Mother and I moved to London to stay with Nanna while father was posted overseas to France and Belgium in 1944.

There was no sound of the sea so far inland, thirteen miles from St Pancras and the center of Town, but I could still remember the noise of he pebbles being pushed around on that windswept beach in Wales.

I did not know then how much the sounds would shape my later life—that I would spend fifteen years on the water and cross two Oceans in a small yacht.

Happiness arrives to one in small doses, from unexpected sources, and always when one is alone. I searched for it, and never found it at home, for it was hidden from me by life with all its distractions and tempations. I was in my sixties before I ran across the hint of happiness. Now in my seventies I live in a sort of cocoon of happiness, and for the last twelve years I have tried to explain to a few friends how I found happiness, and how they too can find happiness. The sea can inspire one to search for happiness.  Even a short vacation by an Ocean can start you imagining what it would be like to be free like a dolphin, with no worries about the future, and no-one to break your bliss. If you could just stay there for a few more weeks, a few mnths or a lifetime, you will encounter happiness, and none of your friends or relatives would understand. You would be free, and happiness would bubble to the surface. And you won't want to go back, because home is where is happiness. 

I have been watching the The Good Karma Hospital, a six part series I discovered on Acorn TV. It is not a 'hospital' movie, it is about love and relationships between various Brits living in India. Paul has come to the Malabar coast with his wife who always wanted to vacation on the beaches of India, and she falls in love with the place, as we all do watching this movie. Her husband Paul wants to go back to England with its cold weather, to spend time with his mates in the pub. His wife knows that she is dying from a brain tumor and has only a few months to live, and she wants to die in India peacefully and with dignity. She tells her husband. He loves her so much that he agrees to her wishes. She dies on the beach in the arms of her husband and her daughter.

Paul is completely lost and after the burial he decides to return to England to find what he left behind, to be comforted by his mates and his family for his loss.

But on the journey to the airport he turns back. His happiness is with the memory of his wife, in a place she always wanted to  be. He has no relatives, no British friends, no work, and no timetable, and nothing he ought to do.

If he sat on the beach and listened to the waves crashing ashore, he would be sharing those sounds that would be in the memory of his wife for eternity, and that was his first experience of real happiness.

Do you understand?

Happiness enters the conscious mind when all desire for attachments is eliminated. This is what Jesus taught His Apostles during their three year appprenticeship.

You won't understand this yet, but by the time you have read my books on this site you will know what Jesus was teaching the poor disparaged lost sheep of Israel.

Some of us have only recently come to know what he was teaching about happiness. Monks have known it since the 2nd century. But His teaching on happiness was not made public. Instead the Church substituted their own teachings that all men were born in sinfulness and misery and a man's only hope was to find a better life after death.

I never believed this nonsense. I moved far from the Church, to Canada, the USA, then Mexico, and finally the Caribbean, never crossing the door of any Church that taught such things. I did not have the truth then, and not for many years, but eventually after fifteen years of study, I began to find the truth, and it was an exhilarating discovery.

I want to walk you through the journey. First an account of what it was like for me before I found the truth. It has been exciting life but you must not envy it.

You can find happiness at home. You can find happiness anywhere in the world. You can find happiness on a desert island, or in a small hut on the edge of a pond. You don't need a cell-phone or a TV. And you don't need friends, just one neighbor to talk to, who is invisible

In the beginning of my life

After WWII and after my father was demob'd, — he had been a radar operator in Belgium and France after the invasion of 1944, —he had to find a job in the civilian world along with millions of other military men and women. Father in France or Belgium: Top row left of picture.

He opened his own business repairing radios and other electronics. I remember he had a workshop alongside the Odeon Cinema in 1949, and I used to visit him frequently.

after school was out. Once when I had broken my little finger catching a cricket ball badly (no gloves in those days) the school rushed me over to his workshop and he picked me up and whisked me over to the Barnet bus, as Barnet was the nearest Hospital. I must have been  7 or 8 at the time.

My Grandfather was a Producer-Director of stage plays, an artist and photographer, here his is mimicking some cockney tradesman. And to the right my mother on the stage.

my Mother was a professional dancer following after her Mother. Mother's side of the family  endowed me with an interest in the arts – music and photography, but not dancing.
I was on the stage at age five, tongue tied and nervous.
that's me the little fat man.

By the time I was thirteen he was a Managing Director of an electronic Company that made test equipment (Oscilloscopes, sig generators, bridges, sound recording) and I was very interested in using those technologies to help make things for my R&R band. We lived in a big house, and father let me use the garage to practice music making.

I formed a small group called the Satellites an we played 'skiffle' – John henry, Cumberland Gap, Freight Train style of music – and we had a club date every week in a hall next to the Odeon Cinema, with lots of kids coming to join in. That was when I was thirteen.

Rock and Roll came to England in 1956

Rock&Roll came to our town (in The Girl Can't Help It, Movie 1956,) and we began to play the music of Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, and Elvis. The equipment for the band was made by me and Dad. I made solid body guitars using model railroad track for the frets and old RAF headphones for the pickups. And Dad designed an Amplifier which we built together over many late nights.

The band called The Glenchords had two guitarists, a base player, a drummer and a singer. We spent more time playing than studying, I am afraid.When I was 18 years old, the band auditioned in London for a TV show – a sort of Britains got Talent show, and we later recorded an LP. This was one of my home made guitars 1960s.

Then the Beetles suddenly became a world wide phenomenum and everyone wanted to hear their music and we couldn't play it. The writing was on the wall for R&R, and the band broke up, mostly because we all wanted a real job. We were well educated and talented and knew we could make a decent living, anyway.

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